Individual Genealogy Record


Individual copies of Genealogy Records (including Memorial Inscriptions and/or Burial Records, Birth and/or Baptismal Records, and Marriage Records) from The Kabristan Archives publications may be ordered when you prefer not to order a book or CD, but rather receive an email containing the individual Genealogy Record you require.

Please note, this is not a certificate. Our records are obtained from written sources, registers and surveys and you will receive an email containing a transcribed copy of the original text, where readable.

Each record is individually checked in our source materials, and the email will be sent within a maximum of 2 working days.

Please include the following details in the form below:

  1. Type of record
  2. Name of the person
  3. Name and place of the church or graveyard, including the country
  4. Approximate date (if known)
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